Finding strong solutions together

Find out more about our acoustical, vibration, and noise abatement solutions that deliver quality and performance but mostly comfort. They can be found everywhere in our daily life: in buildings, transportation, infrastructure, fitness centers, and in many industrial applications.

Application fields


Intelligent densification of urban spaces requires individual planning and a portfolio covering a great variety of products and systems.

Building Land Development

Effective noise and vibration protection can be a factor in counteracting the shortage of building land by making inner-city locations usable.

Timber construction

Timber constructions may lead to challenging acoustic requirements. Our products deliver effective sound insulation.


Refurbishing existing buildings with the right solutions offers great potential for increasing property value.


The acoustical separation of cinemas, concert halls and theatres needs to be considered carefully. Therefore, effective noise control is essential.


Mixed-use means versatility without compromises. With our products and systems, there are almost no limits in combining various uses within buildings.


For living space in mixed-use towers and urban districts, the quality of life can be improved by reliable sound insulation.

Mechanical rooms

Effective structure-borne sound and vibration isolation in mechanical rooms is a must have to ensure a sufficient level of comfort for inhabitants.

Industrial Plants

By effective isolation of machines, sensitive working areas and adjoining building structure can be successfully protected.


A swimming pool in a mixed-use concept can increase the value of the property but needs adequate vibration isolation solutions.

Roof terrace

The utilization of roofs, balconies and terraces in residential buildings or hotels are in vogue worldwide but requires excellent sound control.


As experts in sports and acoustics, we provide solutions to handle complex acoustic challenges while considering the requirements for sports flooring.


Noise from retail and convenience stores in mixed-use buildings needs to be controlled, especially in combination with apartments or offices.


Hotel concepts are only successful if airborne, impact and structure-borne sound from a great variety of different sources is being controlled.