Regupol® SonusClip™

Resilient Sound Isolation Clip

Regupol SonusClip – Sound Isolation Clip

<h4>The Regupol SonusClip is a resilient sound isolation clip used to attach gypsum wall board (GWB) to interior walls and ceilings. Regupol SonusClip is designed to reduce airborne and impact sound transmission. The SonusClip can be used in wood, steel, and concrete construction. Each SonusClip has a design load rating of 36 lbs. and can support up to two layers of 5/8” gypsum board when spaced no more than 24” x 48” on-center.</h4>

  • Increases acoustic performance for STC (airborne) and IIC (impact) ratings
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Helps prevent acoustic short circuits
  • Design load rating of 36 lbs. per clip
  • UL fire tested and approved

Our 3-part specification for Regupol SonusClip is currently in development.

Regupol SonusClip Steel/Wood Installation Instructions PDF
Regupol SonusClip Steel/Wood Data Sheet PDF

Classified UL

Regupol SonusClip have been tested and
approved for use in over 70 UL designs.

We are currently looking for stocking distributors of our SonusClip.  If you’re interested please contact us.