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Today there are more and more gyms conveniently located in hotels, multi-residential apartments, mixed-use developments and commercial buildings.  This growing trend of having a gym close by, especially those offering 24 hour accessabiltiy, does pose a threat to the acoustic amenity of the adjacent buildings or living spaces.

Free weights being dropped onto gym floors can cause a great amount of acoustic and vibration disturbance for occupants situated in nearby zones.   Plate-loaded machines can have a similar negative effect, albeit to a lesser extent. Vibrations within gyms can be transmitted through the building’s structure and can cause regenerated noise in adjacent areas.  

More traffic and activity in such buildings will lead to more noise sources.  At REGUPOL we tailor sound insulation designs to each application, based on its type, scope, intensity, and building structure.

As an expert in acoustic solutions and a leading supplier of sports and fitness flooring, REGUPOL offers solutions which meet the highest requirements of both sectors. The REGUPOL everroll and REGUPOL sonusfit product ranges combine functional sports properties with highly effective sound insulation.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits and advantages of using REGUPOL sonusfit in fitness applications.


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