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Tested under realistic conditions and approved by building authorities all system components of our REGUPOL sonusfit range can be used in many different build-ups to provide an excellent reduction of structure-borne noise in various areas of gyms and sports facilities. Together with the REGUPOL everroll range, outstanding sports functionality is also guaranteed.

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REGUPOL sonusfit range

The REGUPOL sonusfit range has been developed to achieve a maximum of structure-borne noise reduction while fulfilling the high requirements of sports functionality in both refurbished and newly built fitness studios, especially in a mixed-use context. The perfect combination of elastomers with different shock-absorbing properties provides effective insulation to noise and vibration in gyms.
The synergies resulting from the use of the REGUPOL sonusfit range in combination with REGUPOL everroll arise not only from our great experience in vibration engineering but also from our vast expertise in the field of floor surfaces for fitness and sports applications.

The REGUPOL sonusfit range has been acoustically tested and adapted accordingly to the different loads that occur in gyms. Hence, the portfolio can provide the right concept for all different areas, from cost-effective standard products for lower loads right up to customized special solutions, tailored to the specific training and noise protection requirements.

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