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Caring about the environment is part of the REGUPOL core mission. When it comes to how we conduct our business and develop our products, we think long term. We ask ourselves: How will our actions today impact tomorrow’s world? We strive to protect and sustain our environment every step of the way, from development and production to customer use and disposal.

On the road, tires eventually wear down or sustain irreparable damage. But, in the environment, tires can last forever. They are nonbiodegradable, unable to be compacted like plastic or metal, and maintain their shape. Because of their sheer size and impenetrable rubber compound, tires are among the most problematic sources of waste we face today. 

In the 1950s, polyurethane foam was new and very expensive. Instead of using all of the material produced, a considerable quantity was disposed. Our company was founded in 1954 to reprocess this wasted material into composite foam.  Recycling is in our DNA.


How sustainable are REGUPOL products?

The circular economy works when recycled products compete directly with new products – we have been proving this for 65 years. REGUPOL products are typically made from 75% to 95% recycled materials,, as are our sports mats. However REGUFOAM products are made from genuine raw materials.

What standards and legal requirements does REGUPOL meet?

Our company has been fully DIN EN 14001 certified since 1997 and will remain so. In addition, our products and mats comply with paragraph § 45 II No. 2 of the German draft bill on recycling management. We hope that the clearly formulated regulation will help make government action more sustainable.

What is sustainable about our human resources policy?

All our staff in Germany are paid according to a chemical industry-wide collective agreement. We are a recognised provider of insulation solutions and attach particular importance on training, which is why a large number of trainees undergo their training in-house.

New Life: From the disposing to a recycling economy

REGUPOL is a founding member of the "Initiative NEW LIFE" and commits to an optimal recycling economy, together with the other member corporations. Jointly, the members want to point out the advantages of recycling products from ELT (End-of-Life-Tires) and motivate to act sustainably.   
More about the initiative:

What is next?

We still have a lot to do. We look forward to the continued development to our take-back policies for our products and reprocessing them. This will significantly extend the useful life of our products and consume far fewer natural resources. Accompany us.

You can find out more about the initiative at:


At REGUPOL, we are committed to offering you products that are safer for you and our planet. Our products REGUPOL sonus core, REGUPOL sonus curve, REGUPOL sonus multi, and REGUPOL sonus eco ranges of floor impact sound insulation products are certified by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia), a certification that’s awarded to products that adhere to strict environmental, health and ethical standards.  GECA certification is testimony to our dedication to creating sustainable products that don’t affect your health and minimize their impact on the environment as far as possible.

For more information on GECA visit