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REGUPOL cargo mat 7210®

The REGUPOL cargo mat 7210® is the most widely sold anti-slip mat and ideal for transporting cargoes of medium weight.

REGUPOL cargo mat 9510®

The REGUPOL cargo mat 9510® is used for transporting sensitive loads, as it leaves no stains of paint residue behind.

REGUPOL cargo mat 1000®

The REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® is used for securing heavy loads and is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions.

REGUPOL cargo tool GBS

This load securing tool is for protecting tensioning belts: increases and compensates tension belt force distribution, as well as adapting the belt optimally to the loads edges.


REGUPOL cargo mat 7210® REGUPOL cargo mat 9510® REGUPOL cargo mat 1000®
Maximum load up to 250 t/m² = 2.50 N/mm² for 8 mm thickness Maximum load up to 350 t/m² = 3.50 N/mm² for 8 mm thickness Maximum load up to 630 t/m² = 6.30 N/mm² for 8 mm thickness