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Transporting heavy loads is when you really need to be sure that your load securing system is reliable. For this reason, we have developed a very special anti-slip mat, the REGUPOL cargo mat 1000®. Under heavy loads, this REGUPOL anti-slip mat shows hardly any deformation at all. Once the load is removed, it returns to its original form, so that only very slight deformation can occur. The anti-slip mat is of course available in a number of different sizes to enable the full load bearing surface to be covered, so that heavy loads, such as, excavators, can easily roll onto the mat. 

REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® is also suitable for extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain, snow storms or icy temperatures. During open transport, the surface of the load bed is generally exposed to the elements but not every anti-slip mat can withstand the use of such things as road salt. Our REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® can. The German Federal Highways Research Agency has tested our anti- slip mat under severe winter conditions. The results show that the coefficients of friction remain above 0.6 µ, at -15 °C and when the mat is soaked in road salt water. lt is also resistant to heat, moisture and UV light. With our REGUPOL cargo mat 1000®, all goods, including heavy loads, can be transported safely in extreme weather conditions

For most elastic materials, a load of 630 tons per square metre is extremely challenging. But not for our REGUPOL cargo mat 1000®, which enables heavy loads to be reliably secured, without any inadmissible deformation of the mat that may compromise the safety of the load.  


REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® maximum load of up to 630 t/m2 = 6.30 N/mm2, 8 mm thickness based on DIN EN ISO 3386-2.

Effective load securing is particularly important for heavy loads. Therefore, choose REGUPOL anti-slip mats and rely on perfect securing!