For us as a company, our sustainability certificates are an important element. We want to use valuable resources sparingly and so, of course, strengthen our customers trust in what we do. Those who know us also know that the careful use of resources has been a policy we have actively followed and implemented ever since the company was founded.

New life: from disposal to circular economy

REGUPOL is a member of the "Initiative New Life" and works with the other companies involved to ensure an optimal circular economy. Together, the members want to demonstrate the advantages of recycling products from end-of-life tires (ELT) and motivate to act sustainably.  Our products have been certified by New Life and rated as a recycled product or a top recycled product. All product-related certificates can be found in the download area on the product pages.

For more information click on: www.initiative-new-life.de

Carbon Footprint Certificate

This Certificate deals with product raw materials, incl. preliminary processes, internal logistics and transport to the plant as well as production-related consumption levels.

Certification resources saved 2021

Recycling our packaging materials at Interseroh Zerio Waste Solutions has saved more than 34,000 tons of greenhouse gases. Click here for the certificate.