AKTIV is the official flooring of the CrossFit Games

Our gym flooring has been the official sports flooring for the CrossFit Games since 2017. The CrossFit Competition has been held on our gym flooring for ten years already. Our subsidiary REGUPOL America and CrossFit, Inc., have had a close relationship since, which was ultimately solidified through a sponsorship agreement.

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As John Aten, VP sales and marketing at REGUPOL America, puts it: “We’re very happy that we can further and also formalize our relationship with the CrossFit Games. As flooring manufacturers, we know the demands athletes place on floor surfaces. The fact that the Fittest Athletes on Earth will be competing against each other on our floor at the biggest event in their calendar is something we can be very pleased about.

Our gym flooring, marketed for legal reasons in the USA under the name of REGUPOL “AKTIV”, is also especially suitable for free weight zones, as its elastic surface is not only extremely resilient to heavy objects being dropped on it, it is also very easy on the joints of the athletes. Besides, the typical appearance of our fitness flooring is ideally suited to CrossFit boxes. The rough, usually black back-grounded surface gives the room in which it is laid a robust and functional look. Countless CrossFit boxes from all over the world are already using our gym flooring.

“We’re pleased to continue to work with REGUPOL America and to use AKTIV flooring throughout the CrossFit Games season,” said Mason Snyder, Head of Sponsorships for the CrossFit Games. “We continue to choose AKTIV because of its high durability which is essential to our competitions.”