City Galerie Siegen, Germany

3.5 million Euros of investment in modernisation has now made the City Galerie in Siegen even more attractive. This is not only good news for shopping lovers, but also for the mall’s very youngest visitors.

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Based on the results of a customer survey, which also led to a new customer information centre, new signs in the mall itself and the multi-story car park, a parking guidance system, 3-D wayfinders and lounge areas, City Galerie has invested in a children’s play area. This new children’s paradise in the heart of Siegen can be found on the mall’s basement floor and has been enthusiastically received by families with children. Here, parents can relax and their little ones can run around and play to their hearts’ content. The children’s paradise is the crowning glory of 30 months of work, most of which took place at night so that visitors would not be inconvenienced.

Certified impact protection properties for indoor play areas

To make sure that the inevitable bumps, scrapes and falls don’t turn the shopping experience into a nightmare scenario, maximum safety levels must be guaranteed in the children’s paradise. The seamless safety flooring playfix indoor from REGUPOL BSW GmbH has got this task covered. Playfix indoor is the safe impact protection flooring for all indoor playing surfaces, whether for indoor playgrounds, kindergartens, restaurants and catering businesses, retailers, airports, hospitals or for shopping malls, like here in Siegen. The safety flooring consists of a base layer of varying thickness, depending on the fall height involved, and a seamless PU coating, making it ideal for indoor areas. In the City Galerie Siegen, the floor was installed for a fall height of 1.50 m. and is tested and certified in compliance with DIN EN 1177. The floor was laid by the company’s own experienced fitters.

Enormous design potential - what could be more creative?

The floor’s visual appearance is what sets the tone for a play area of great variety. The smooth, seamless surface of the indoor safety flooring allows a wide range of designs in terms of both colour and function. In the City Galerie Siegen, all design specifications were implemented on site in close cooperation with the company “Coreografía Production GmbH”. “When designing our children’s play areas, we work exclusively with the seamless safety surface from REGUPOL, as thishas all the optimal properties for implementing a design which is suitable for children. The fact that the REGUPOL safety flooring can be individually painted enables us to create beautiful details in keeping with the various thematic worlds. For instance, in the children’s paradise in Siegen, there’s a colourful meadow of flowers growing on a simple green base, and prettily painted stones encourage the children to play hopping and jumping games. So, in the same way, this seamless floor can be used to create imaginative playing environments with painted rivers, lakes, islands, bridges, tree trunks for balancing along and so much more,” explains Coreografía Production’s Angelina Hien.