Hansehof in Greifswald – Quarter A11

In the university and Hanseatic city of Greifswald, a new construction project has been completed in the town centre, directly on the river Ryck.

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The new residential quarter is closed on three sides and contains 10 residential buildings, 96 apartments and 105 parking spaces, including an underground garage.  
These new apartments are urgently needed, as Greifswald is populated by over 10,000 students and almost 60,000 inhabitants. The new quarter offers a central location and direct proximity to the Baltic Sea bay “Danish Wieck” and the river Ryck. Even before planning began, great importance was attached to the buildings fitting in with the existing architectural background and the special features of the neighbourhood.

Imaginative playground for the courtyard

In densely built-up cities, space for play areas is often at a premium. However, to make sure the younger and youngest residents of Hansehof Quarter A11 also feel at home, the inner courtyard area between the residential buildings was used to create an imaginative playground with quick and easy access for all residents and their children. What’s special about this playground is that it’s built on the top of the complex’s underground garage.

REGUPOL Playfix fun keeps the kids safe

So that the children can play on the courtyard playground safely, we installed 165 m² of our tested and certified safety floor REGUPOL playfix. Various features ensure that the floor minimises the serious consequences of falls and helps to reduce the risk of injury. REGUPOL playfix has no seams or joints at all and the in-situ installation is carried out by our REGUPOL fitters. This seamless safety floor can be laid on flat, curved or sloping surfaces (up to 45° gradients) and is suitable for fall heights of up to 3 m.

The REGUPOL playfix safety floor has an unlimited design potential. The safety surface installed in Greifswald, for instance, is a mixture of nine different design colours (Capri blue, rainbow blue, teal, beige, eggshell, orange, slate grey, rosé and violet). The blue sea and the sandy beach – including fish and sea stars – encourage the children to dive into their own world of pure fantasy.

Playing one floor up

REGUPOL carried out the installation of the safety floor, together with the client, landscape gardeners “Gartenprofi Wittig Landschaftsbau GbR” and the landscape architect Olaf Petters. “For us, this project was something special, because our material had to be delivered by crane “one floor up” into the courtyard on top of the underground garage. That meant we had to pay attention to bearing loads/roof loads, so that our product design didn’t turn out to be too heavy. But we managed to overcome that challenge as well. This project is just further proof that teamwork is an important priority for us at REGUPOL”, explains Sabine Rehberg (sales representative in the seamless safety floors unit at REGUPOL).