REGUPOL safety tiles in Engelbert Strauss store

Everyone knows the white bird on the red background – Engelbert Srauss is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of work wear and occupational safety equipment and is among Germany’s top 5 online traders. Based in the Hesse borough of Main-Kinsig, the company employs 1400 people producing equipment and work wear for craftsmen, tradesmen, DIY enthusiasts and industry.

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Engelbert Strauss and REGUPOL

ENGELBERT STRAUSS and REGUPOL know each other well. Products from REGUPOL have already been used in one of the company’s stores in Oberhausen. 
This time, the shoe display area at the store in Biebergemünd (Frankfurt) was fitted with slate grey REGUPOL safety tiles. The REGUPOL EPDM safety tile combines functionality with an appealing design and is available in over 20 colours, colour blends and a range of different thicknesses. The surface is characterised by its high abrasion resistance, which prevents the colour from becoming worn, even under intensive use. This safety tile from REGUPOL is non-slip and will provide Engelbert Strauss customers with the utmost comfort.

REGUPOL – The ideal partner for refurbishments

“During the building work in our Oberhausen store, our general contractor recommended REGUPOL BSW GmbH as the suitable partner for implementing the visual designs envisaged by our architect.  We are more than happy with the floors that have been installed – we particularly appreciate the lower degree of hardness, as this is especially pleasant for our customers walking barefoot in our store’s shoe section“, explains Gabriel Jäckel, press officer for Engelbert Strauss.