The "Playground of Nations" in Magdeburg

In Magdeburg, there are over 130 playgrounds and the “Playground of Nations” in the south-western district of Sudenburg is the latest. What’s special about it is the seamless safety flooring, depicting a map of Europe with all capital cities. It was realised and installed by REGUPOL from Bad Berleburg.

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The Playground of Nations is a great enrichment for the area. The existing playground was generously extended by 1,200 m² and now covers 3,200 m² of playing and leisure space. Here, children can now play, learn and relax at the same time in a colourful environment, which could well appeal to all visitors and their companions across all generations.


In the west, the playground borders on the road “Langer Weg” and, in the south, on a residential estate. On the other side, it opens up onto the school yard of Sudenburg primary school, neighbouring sports facilities and a local kindergarten. So, there’s no shortage of clientele.

Impact safety and rope structures

The special and most spectacular feature s the newly built extension. The design is characterised by the seamless playfix fall protection surface, which shows a map and all the capital cities of Europe. IT features a apparatus combination for balancing, climbing and sliding with balancing ropes, a rope seesaw, a slackline and a tube slide. Another nice little detail is that the flags from the adjacent primary school’s partner countries are flying from the tops of the rope equipment supports.


Installing the fall protection safety surface in this form was quite a challenge which required the skills of an experienced team of experts. In cooperation with REGUPOL and Teu2Tec, detailed templates for Europe were specially developed to ensure the success of the project. With the help of the REGUPOL templates, the coloured EPDM wear layer was laid on the base layer according to a precise grid plan. The templates were produced so that they represented the contours of Europe as well as the shore zone to enable the specialists from REGUPOL produce both in a single manufacturing process.The lettering for the capital cities was pre-fabricated and delivered on carrier fabric. The individual sections were measured on site and fixed to the base layer with adhesive. After that, the EPDM wear layer depicting “Europe” in a mixture of earth-yellow and May-green was installed on the top. The seamless playfix safety flooring was supplied and installed by REGUPOL, while Teu2Tec from Gütersloh were responsible for the templates, lettering and stars.

The trampoline

To the south of “Europa”, there is a similarly designed area, where the basic colour of rainbow blue was enhanced by the addition of 12 prefabricated stars in lemon yellow. Here, too, the stars were glued to the base layer and subsequently worked into the rainbow blue basic colour. This 26 m² surface symbolises the European flag. Integrated into this surface is a trampoline, on which up to 8 kids at a time can bounce around happily. A sand play area situated under trees to the west is also part of the project. This is where the bird’s nest swing set can be found with swing seats and swing baskets for younger children. 

Colours, flags and safety

The entire area is equipped with benches in trendy, bright colours, waste bins and cycle stands. In the section at the north end, there is special cross-generational area with a table tennis table, table football and a boules pitch. It’s a meeting place for enjoying various activities together. There are also newly laid lawns and wooded areas surrounding the different playground sections. The Playground of Nations is extremely well designed and sectioned. It’s cross generational and it owes its uniqueness to the underlying theme of Europe and its outstanding implementation, combining colour, flags and, above all, safety.