University of Notre Dame Football Equipment Room

Location: Guglielmino Athletics Complex, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN

Area: 4,000 ft2

Color: Gray Ghost

Installation: SPEC Athletic Flooring, Chicago, IL

The football equipment room at the University of Notre Dame is home to its players’ infamous 24-carat gold helmets, cleats and safety equipment. The 4,000 ft2 area is also highly trafficked and requires a durable and comfortable flooring solution. What better venue to showcase the custom capabilities of Regupol Aktiv?

Made from 100% post-consumer tire and post-industrial EPDM rubber, Regupol Aktiv surfaces allow for maximum comfort underfoot by absorbing the shock of training impact. It offers a superior solution for athletic training and weightlifting areas. In addition, it may be customized based on room dimensions, color and marketing preferences. Available in standard rolls, 3/8″ x 48″ but custom thicknesses are available as well.

Upon entering the equipment room, players, coaches and visitors encounter the familiar “Fighting Irish” mascot, a leprechaun with fists up, ready to fight. Regupol created the custom mascot and the team’s signature Celtic font spelling out, “Notre Dame Football” through its water- jet cutting technology.

Certified installer SPEC Athletic Flooring completed the project. SPEC Athletic serves the Midwest and is a source for schools, colleges, universities, park districts and sports training facilities looking for sports flooring systems that perform at the highest levels.

Aktiv has been installed in many Division I college facilities such as Villanova, University of Cincinnati, Iowa State, University of North Carolina and Ole Miss. Regupol America is known as the inventor of recycled rubber flooring and is the official flooring of the CrossFit games. Regupol provides flooring to all levels of high school, college and professional athletic training. Providing sustainability and performance for various sports & fitness activities, Regupol has been leading the industry for over 60 years.

About Regupol America:
Regupol America LLC, American subsidiary of German-based, BSW (Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH), is a third generation company founded in 1954. Headquartered in Lebanon, PA, the inventor of recycled rubber flooring manufactures multi-purpose surfaces, underlayment and sound absorption which can be used in a variety of applications. Regupol also offers state-of-the-art track & field surfaces that provide superior traction, uniformity and comfort – and meet DIN standard and IAAF guidelines. The company uses over 115 million pounds of recycled rubber in the manufacturing process. More than 110 million square feet of product is sold each year, with distribution in over 100 countries. Made of 100% post-consumer tire rubber, post-industrial EPDM rubber and additional renewable resources, Regupol America uses the finest raw materials and state of the art manufacturing. The portfolio of products withstands the most intense use, ensuring outstanding performance. Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world has lent his endorsement of Regupol™ tracks due to his accomplishments at the 2009 Berlin World Championships. For more information about recycled rubber flooring, tracks, turf underlayment, and sound absorption, visit