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Are you looking for university or vocational training place? Have you already graduated or completed a training course and now want to start a full-time career? Or are you simply on the look-out for a new career challenge? Well, you‘ve certainly come to the right place! Whether you are looking for different jobs, training and further training courses or work placements, we have a great range of opportunities on offer. With us, you can look forward to interesting tasks in an internationally successful enterprise. We now have around 700 employees in seven different countries. We owe our success to these employees who try to improve REGUPOL a little bit more every day. A survey showed that 86 % of the staff at REGUPOL are satisfied. That makes us very proud! Why not become part of our company, too?

Makes a start with us into a common future.

We promote the development and qualification or our employees. 

Take a work placement to get to know your dream job.

REGUPOL - a hidden champion in beautifully situated Bad Berleburg

If you think an international company can only establish itself in a large city, you’d be wrong. REGUPOL is an international company with its headquarters in the town of Bad Berleburg in southern Westphalia. Applicants take note: Bad Berleburg has a lot to offer. With its 23 districts and villages, the town is an ideal place for families to live. Neighbourly togetherness, scenic attractions, such as picturesque hiking trails, and over 200 different clubs and societies are just some of the locational benefits of Bad Berleburg.

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Peter Breuer
In 1977 – 42 years ago – I started my internship as an industrial management assistant at REGUPOL. It became clear very quickly that my focus would be the sales department for sports surfaces. I started working internationally as early as 1980. Today, I am a director of the international sports flooring division and deal with customers on five continents, as well as our subsidiaries in Australia and the USA. What’s special about our company is that, although we’re an important global player in our sector, we’re still a medium-sized, down-to-earth, family-run business. That’s unique in our industry! The hierarchies within the company are clear and straight-forward, the working atmosphere is “family-like” and our products are top class. All this keeps the fun factor in your work.
Rolf Dickel
I began my internship as an industrial management assistant in 1975 and did another quality assurance course at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund. In the last 44 years, I’ve worked in the shipping and work scheduling departments. I’m still working in work scheduling today and couldn’t be more satisfied.
Daniela Richstein

I joined REGUPOL eight years ago as a career changer and soon after I got my forklift licence. As a woman in a male domain, I didn't have it easy at first - but I was able to earn the respect of my colleagues and today we have a great working relationship. I drive forklifts weighing up to 7.5 tonnes - these are very impressive and respectful machines. I enjoy it immensely!