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REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® does its best work where other anti-slip mats fail to achieve the required results. Even und er extreme weather conditions, REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® still exceeds the minimum values for anti-slip mats of 0.4 µ, as contained in VDI 2700, part 15. This is the performance our heavyweight champion is capable of: fighting to ensure that heavy-loads of up to 630 t/m2 are safely and reliably secured, even under the most adverse conditions.



The REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® can be used in extreme weather conditions and is also suitable for heavy duty transport. In addition, the anti-slip mat can also be used for transporting general cargoes and light loads, giving this mat a highly flexible range is applications.

Product information

  • ​​​​​​Reusable, long-lasting, resilient

  • Defined load ranges, reliable friction coefficient  

  • Suitable for extreme weather conditions 

  • Contamination-tolerant, easy disposal

  • Material

    Elastomer compound made of synthetic rubber and Polyurethane

  • Dimension

    8 mm thicknesses, widths and lengths in rolls and sheets in standard sizes or on request

  • Coefficient of friction

    Lab tested value 0.86 µ 
    0.82 µ in acc. with VDI 2700 - part 14

    Value calculated in practice 0.6 µ In acc. with VDI 2700 - part 15

  • Maximum load

    Up to 630 t/m2 = 6.30 N/mm2 at 8 mm thickness
    based on DIN EN ISO 3386-2. Testsample size 60 x 60 mm 

  • Tensile strength

    0.60 N/mm² minimum

  • Elongation at break

    60 % minimum

  • Calculation of suitable securing methods  

  • Expertise and consulting

  • Confidence building for checks and inspections

  • Product variants

  • Your conditions

  • Support for roadside inspections


The REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® maintains its function where others have long since hoisted the white flag. What do we mean? We mean when heavy loads transfer high point loads to the anti-slip mat or while spray mixed with road salt soaks the loading bed at -15°C. Other anti-slip mats were also put through this test by the Federal Highways Research Agency and our REGUPOL cargo mat 1000® was one of the few to pass it.

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