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As a group of companies, we have been working to protect our planet from unnecessary environmental pollution for over 65 years. This is the reason why our high-quality REGUPOL anti-slip mats are made up to a large extent of regenerated and re-processed raw materials. So, by purchasing our REGUPOL anti-slip mats, you are helping to combat the unnecessary consumption of resources and energy and to reduce emissions. This has led to thousands of tons of high-quality plastics being recycled and given a new lease of life since the REGUPOL anti-slip mats were first invented. Being able to use them over and over again also extends the service life of REGUPOL anti-slip mats and makes another significant contribution to protecting our environment. In addition, REGUPOL has long been operating in an almost completely closed production cycle. Residual quantities and faulty batches are simply reintroduced to the production process, because for REGUPOL everything left over from its own production is a high-quality raw material.

Anyone using REGUPOL anti-slip mats for load securing is contributing directly and efficiently to protecting our environment:

  • Saving resources
  • Environmentally friendly production process
  • Multiple use


  1. Procurement (continuous search for regenerated and processed raw materials as the basis for our products)
  2. Product design (development of technically and commercially competitive products)
  3. Production (re-use of residual material, by-products and recycled raw materials)
  4. Sales
  5. Application
  6. Recycling (used, unmixed products and product residues are turned into new raw materials)
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