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You want to transport your goods safely? Then find out more about our REGUPOL anti-slip mats for load securing. Whether you work with diverse maximum loads, sensitive cargos, heavy loads or in extreme weather conditions, with our mats, you’ll always be on the safe side.


Discover our REGUPOL sports and safety floors. They not only provide the safety you need, but are also available in a range of different versions and colour designs. Their functional sport-relevant properties provide athletes in various sports disciplines with the support they need. We can supply you with gym floors, winter sports flooring, floors for indoor sports and climbing halls, fall protection flooring, safety floors for shooting facilities and martial arts mats.


Urbanisation is a mega trend. Forecasts by the United Nations predict that 7 in 10 people worldwide will be living in cities by 2050. As there is already a great shortage of space, intelligent urban densification offers enormous potential. Increasing densification will have to take account of changing lifestyles and, using the city of short distances concept, will have to realise the conflict-free combination of working, living, retail and leisure activities in a confined space. With the right partner at your side providing the correct acoustic concept, the quality of the space created to achieve this can be significantly enhanced.


Take a look at our REGUPOL structural protection mats and membranes for flat roofs. These products will permanently and reliably prevent damage to seals and insulation on flat roofs. In addition, the mounting structures for photovoltaic systems can be built on our REGUPOL protective mats to prevent damage to the roof sealing membrane here, too.