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In today’s working world, the demands placed on employees are becoming ever greater. The rapid advance of digitalisation demands new skill sets. This makes it increasingly important for companies, ourselves included, to have highly trained employees. But this improvement of professional skills knowledge is not just something companies benefit from; so do you. “Lifelong learning” is the key for all those who want to remain competitive on the job market. 


Our company is constantly developing and the demand for our products is constantly growing. We are convinced that newly acquired knowledge and skills will enable our employees to work more efficiently and professionally and further optimize our internal processes. We are always ready to listen to our staff and be responsive to their wishes for further training. As a rule, we also take on a share of the costs involved.

There are a wide range of development possibilities at REGUPOL, both for commercial and industrial professions. Courses for commercial professions include training as a business administrator or sales specialist Or it’s possible to study for an engineering or business management degree. To further your development in industrial professions, there are courses to gain qualifications as a master or technician. For professional development alongside your full time job, there are distance or online courses available in a range of different fields at various distance learning or open universities.

Success Stories

Professional development - REGUPOL BSW GmbH
Eva Balz
After successfully completing my 3-year industrial management assistant internship, I decided to carry on and train as an industrial business administrator. And REGUPOL is supporting me in that. I can deepen and expand on what I learned in my previous training course and improve my chances of promotion in future.
Professional development - REGUPOL BSW GmbH
David Liebner
After I completed my first internship as a machine and equipment operator, REGUPOL gave me the chance to continue training as an industrial management assistant and I’m very grateful for that. Now I can combine technical and commercial skills and know how certain business processes are linked together.
Professional development - REGUPOL BSW GmbH
Jessica Landau
After my internship as an industrial management assistant, I was sent to work in Marketing. Because I really wanted to improve my knowledge in this field, I got the chance to do a distance course as a qualified marketing coordinator at the HAF, Hamburger Akademie für Fernstudien GmbH (Hamburg Academy for Distance studies).
Professional development - REGUPOL BSW GmbH
Maximilian Schröder
Since I wanted to go to university in this region and gain some practical experience at the same time, I decided to do a course at REGUPOL. That’s because, although it’s an international business, it’s still a family-run company. You can tell that right away from the collegial atmosphere. For me, that’s one of most important factors for a good working relationship. Because of all the different markets REGUPOL operates in, there are lots of different applications and consequently lots of interesting tasks, too. I’ve never regretted my decision do a cooperative degree course with REGUPOL and to work there as well – quite the contrary. Besides the interesting job and the good working atmosphere, there are a lot of other things on offer.

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