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Would you like to help top-class athletes produce their best performances? Or support the construction of the highest and most spectacular buildings in the world? Or perhaps make our roads safer all around the globe? If that’s the case, then a training course at REGUPOL is just the thing for you! Our products are diverse, exciting and in demand worldwide. Be part of an international enterprise and make your contribution to the success of REGUPOL. We offer intensive training with specialist support for each specific discipline. To gain as much experience as possible, you will pass through various stations during your training or degree course. And it’s precisely this combination of theory and practice that makes our training courses so popular. Of course, we don’t leave our trainees to their own devices with all these different tasks, but make sure they are taken care of in all the different fields by qualified instructors who are trained to pass on their specialist knowledge. Our trainees get direct feedback on their own performance and development. A survey among REGUPOL trainees showed that 100 % of them are satisfied or very satisfied with the activities they have to perform. Every year, we have around 15 training places on offer. Start your professional future with us!


Every trainee is an important member of our team. That’s also the feeling we want to convey to them, because only trainees who feel at ease can learn and develop. We have been training people in a wide variety of professions since the company was founded in 1952. Many of the staff we employ today are former trainees. Our proportion of trainees as a percentage of the overall workforce has exceeded the regional average for many years. And, as a rule, our trainees’ exam results are above the Chamber of Industry and Commerce average.

Succes Stories

Marina Altmann
My training course as an industrial management assistant is extremely varied, because I change departments every three months. So, I get to learn how the various divisions fit together. My colleagues gave me a very warm welcome and have looked after me really well from day one.
Benga Mavinga
I really liked my training course as a media designer at REGUPOL right from the start, because the things you have to do every day are really exciting. The size and diversity of the company has also helped me to learn lots of other aspects outside the scope of my actual job profile.


The Chamber of Industry and Commence has awarded us the “South Westphalia Seal of Quality for Vocational Training.”  Audits were carried out to examine training processes and quality standards and we were attested an exemplary vocational training performance. We are the first and so far only company in Wittgenstein to receive the seal of quality. Another good reason to send your application to us!

The commercial and business management field of activity for industrial management assistants covers all functions across the entire company. You support all company processes from a business management perspective and can work in core commercial functions, such as procurement and provisioning, marketing and sales, manufacturing, as well as HR and accounting. Your tasks can include the advising and supporting of customers, or the planning, control and monitoring of manufacturing- or procurement processes, as an example. You will understand the market oriented business processes of an industrial company and learn to classify your company in a global economic context. The use of modern technology will support this diverse and demanding work.


IT management assistants analyse the problems and tasks that are to be solved in a company by the use of information and telecommunications systems (IT systems). To do this, IT management assistants determine the need for IT systems, procure the necessary hard and software and ensure they are introduced in the company. They take aspects such as HR planning and economic efficiency into account and, if required, also work on the drafting of contracts.
You advise and support individual departments on their deployment of application systems and are the contact for manufacturers and suppliers of IT systems and telecommunications technology. If there are no suitable standard applications on the market, you will be involved in designing and implementing individual solutions. You will also implement, check and administer applications systems, ensure their user-friendliness and acquire or create training documentation for users.


Machine and equipment operators are responsible for the set-up and operation of complex, mainly specialized equipment, such as large industrial mixers, splitters and peelers, punching and expansion - foam machines. You will produce special multi-layer and multi-component materials for use in vibration engineering, for instance.


Warehouse logistics specialists accept delivery of all types of goods and check quality and quantity against the accompanying documents. You will organise unloading, sort the goods and store them correctly in their previously planned locations. You will also make sure that they are store under optimum conditions, by regulating temperature and humidity, for example. You put deliveries together, package the goods and compile the required documents, such as delivery notes. You will also load up trucks, operate forklifts and secure the load to prevent slipping or leakage.

On top of this, warehouse logistics specialists optimize the internal flow of information, materials and value from procurement to sales. Inventory work and calculating workhouse codes are also included in your tasks.


Lorry drivers transport goods in trucks of all kinds. You will spend a lot of time behind the wheel and you are familiar with traffic regulations at home and abroad. Before starting a journey, you carry out an acceptance and pre-departure check on your vehicle. For instance, you should check the wheels and tyres, the engine and make sure the brakes are fully functional. After this, you accept the transport cargo. You then make sure the load is distributed evenly and secured according to regulations. Check through the necessary documents and any signs on the vehicle which may be required depending on the cargo.