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As cities get larger and urban populations grow, the problem of noise pollution will only get worse. This stems from people and buildings being packed closer together, along with an increase in transit and industrial activity.  To cut noise, city planners are turning to acoustical materials like REGUPOL. With the right sound insulation, meeting the various needs in a single buidling can be easily achieved. As your experienced partner, we will assess your individual properities and provide high-quality design solutions to control noise and vibration, while ensuring you meet standards and regulations.






Forecasts by the United Nations predict that 7 in 10 people worldwide will be living in cities by 2050 and while space is already limited in urban areas, especially intelligent densification offers enormous potential. With the right partner providing the excellent acoustic concepts, the quality of the additional housing space can be significantly enhanced. Just ask the experts.

By constructing buildings on elastic bedding, fallow land and conversion areas that are close to critical rail infrastructure can be used for new residential, commercial or mixed-use properties, thus supporting the approach of intelligent densification. Further, while adding a new story to existing buildings, for instance on supermarkets or gyms, increases living space significantly, re-development of brownfields can create entirely new residential quarters. Keeping in line with the circular economy “cradle-to-cradle” approach, modern architecture will have to fall back on sustainable concepts.

High-rise densification in tower blocks and optimized redevelopment of urban districts thrive on mixed-use concepts. The popular combination of living, working, leisure and food supply in a single complex, coupled with short distances, fulfils the aspirations of modern urban life and is therefore of major interest for investors. The right sound insulation is essential to make such projects successful.

Acoustic specialists all over the world trust REGUPOL as well-experienced partner that actively supports and assists in reaching goals of airborne and impact sound protection and thus enhancing the quality of urban densification with the industry – together.