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In highly populated neighborhoods and multi-use buildings, convenient access to goods and services is an important necessity and improves the quality of residents’ lives considerably. Beside this, the general demographic change and the reduced reliance on cars, accelerate this trend.

However, it also requires improving the acoustic performance of buildings in such way that residential and commercial buildings can coexist peacefully, especially where the delivery and loading of goods outside opening hours is concerned. To effectively reduce low-frequency structure-borne noise mitigated by shopping carts and trucks, the experts at REGUPOL have developed the REGUPOL and REGUFOAM vibration sound products. These isolation materials can be used under heavy load, screeds, concrete, and floating floor systems.

Our extensive portfolio of solutions ensures reliable building design. Our REGUPOL sonus curve range is a cost-effective solution for insulating heavy traffic areas and sensitive applications. These include but are not limited to cinemas, theatres as well as libraries and workshops, where particularly noisy activities need to be isolated from quiet spaces in residential and commercial buildings.

Supermarket - REGUPOL BSW GmbH

REGUPOL sonus curve

Cost-effective acoustic underlayment designed to reduce the transmission of footfall noise. Commonly used underneath hardwood, concrete, screed, and floating floor systems.

Supermarket - REGUPOL BSW GmbH

REGUPOL vibration

High performance elastomers made of rubber fibers, granules, and polyurethane. Used to treet vibration and structure-borne sound.

Supermarket - REGUPOL BSW GmbH

REGUFOAM vibration

High performance mixed-cell polyurethane foams. Used to treat vibration and structure-borne sound. 

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