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REGUFOAM strips 

Timber construction offers builders multiple advantages but there are some unique challenges when it comes to acoustics. In wood-framed buildings, lower frequency sounds transfer more easily through walls compared to concrete construction. Because it is lighter than concrete, it is harder to stop the transmission of sound which makes it easier for noise to travel. What's one solution?  REGUFOAM vibration strips. Made of mixed-cell polyurethane foam,  REGUFOAM vibration strips significantly reduce noise transmission when used as an interlayer for floor-wall junctions or as bearing strips in modular buildings.  When it comes to timber construction sound control, trust REGUPOL to develop efficient, talilored solutions that fulfill the highest sound insulation requirements.  


REGUFOAM stripes

Product information

  • Material

    Mixed-cell polyurethane foam

  • Dimensions

    Length 1,500mm (4' 11-1/16")

    Width: custom

    Thickness: 12.5mm, 25mm (1/2", 1")


  • Provides damping, decoupling, and absorption
  • Low and constant natural frequencies
  • Withstands a wide load range
  • Spring-like characteristics
  • Product recommendations
  • Customized solutions
  • Installation support


In REGUPOL, you have a partner with many years’ experience in solving noise and vibration problems. The products of the REGUFOAM vibration series are characterized by their outstanding quality and durability. Contact us today!

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