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Made from 92% post-consumer recycled tire rubber, REGUPOL sonus curve is a dimpled flooring underlayment designed to reduce the transmission of impact sound generated by footfall noise. REGUPOL sonus curve is commonly used underneath solid and engineered hardwood floors, concrete, screed, and floating floor systems. It is available in several standard thicknesses: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 17mm, and 25mm. Each thickness has its own benefits and applications it is best suited for. Need advice on your specific application? Ask the experts! 

REGUPOL sonus curve range

REGUPOL sonus curve 6

Formerly SonusWave SW36

With 6mm thickness the thinnest version of the REGUPOL sonus curve series , it is suitable for spaces with limited floor heights that still require impact sound insulation.

REGUPOL sonus curve 8

Formerly SonusWave SW48

The 8mm thick REGUPOL sonus curve 8 is suitable for most foor structures and presents a cost-effective solution for reliable impact sound insulation. 

REGUPOL sonus curve 10

Formerly SonusWave SW510

The 10mm thick REGUPOL sonus curve 10 combines high insulation requirements with outstanding value.

REGUPOL sonus curve 17

Formerly SonusWave SW817

With the 17mm thick REGUPOL sonus curve 17, you can combine not only high performance in insulation but also superb value for the money and a limited floor height.

REGUPOL sonus curve 25

Formerly SonusWave SW825

The 25mm REGUPOL sonus curve 25 is our thickest version yet. Install multiple layers for the toughest acoustical requirements. 

REGUPOL sonus curve (formerly SonusWave) - REGUPOL BSW GmbH

Challenge: Renovating a lightweight timber structure with poor acoustics

Solution: REGUPOL sonus curve plus concrete toppping

This project involved the renovation of the historic Water Street Mill complex in Williamstown MA. From twine manufacturing to textiles to weaving, the facility grew to eight buildings totaling over 96,000 SF. The project included converted restoration of the since abandoned properties into a revitalized mix of lofts, apartments, and condominiums.