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REGUPOL SONUS MULTI Acoustic Underlayment

Residents living in apartments do not want to be privy to their neighbors’ daily activities.  Likewise, occupants do not want their own footsteps to be an annoyance as they wander their home.  Instead, residents expect acoustics to be handled appropriately, especially in mixed-use or multi-residential buildings. 

Acoustic underlayments like REGUPOL sonus multi are designed to isolate various floor coverings from the main structure of the building, and in doing so, they reduce the transmission of footfall noise. It is a sustainable product made from pre-consumer polyurethane foam and cork elastomer bond with polyurethane. 

The unique material composition of REGUPOL sonus multi enables it to be a compatible surface to bond floor coverings such as luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and tile (LVT), sheet vinyl, carpet tile, cork, and more.


REGUPOL sonus multi (formerly Sonus LV270) - REGUPOL BSW GmbH

REGUPOL sonus multi

The acoustic underlayment REGUPOL sonus multi 3 (formerly Sonus LV270) was developed for its unique material composition which allows it to be a compatible surface to bond approved floor coverings such as sheet vinyl, vinyl planks, carpet tiles, cork, and more.