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Our history began in 1954, when our company was founded. Since then, it has grown steadily. New products have been developed, new subsidiaries set up and new locations created. Today, REGUPOL is still a family enterprise, with the third and some of the fourth generation currently working in the company management. Ever since our establishment, we have always employed creative, committed and highly motivated staff, whose expertise has always enabled them to propose appropriate solutions for our customers. This is something we are proud of. Take a look at how our company has developed. You can find more detailed information on the milestones in our history by visiting

REGUPOL was founded in 1954

Our History

The “Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH” (BSW) was founded in Bad Berleburg.

Production of re-bonded foam — BSW develops a wide range of re-bonded foam products. The first plant and offices are built at Hilgenacker, Bad Berleburg.

REGUPOL is a resilient, versatile, heavy duty material suitable for a wide range of various applications. 

BSW begins manufacturing and selling the first REGUPOL sports surfaces.

REGUPOL Elastic Tiles and REGUPOL Interlocking Pavers are developed and first used for children playgrounds.

The official market launch of REGUPOL Impact Sound Insulation and REGUPOL Sports Surfaces follows — this is considered the beginning of the REGUPOL era!

Sale of the first BSW Tatami Martial Arts Mats.

The first REGUPOL running track is installed in Germany.

The first REGUPOL running tracks are installed outside Germany, in the Philippines and Columbia.

BSW sells the first REGUPOL protective layers for flat roofs (membrane protection).

BSW begins production and sale of the first REGUPOL children playground Safety Tiles.

BSW begins selling anti-slip mats

BSW is among the first German companies who pioneers business relations in what is today Russia.

BSW starts the first manufacturing joint venture in the US.

Installation of the first everroll gym flooring.

BSW starts to manufacture REGUPOL moulded products in Hong Kong for the Far Eastern market.

After years of selling products to Australia, BSW decides to start its own subsidiary "down under".

BSW develops Regufoam, a high-tech open cell polyurethane foam.

The blue REGUPOL running track at “Olympiastadion Berlin” has become a symbol for athletics in Germany, and throughout Europe.

First installation of "playfix"; BSW‘s seamless safety surfacing

Dubai is probably the best known city in the United Arab Emirates, and home to the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. REGUPOL sound underlay has been used there.

After selling its shares to the previous joint venture partner, BSW undertakes a fresh start to serve the markets in North America and Mexico.

BSW signs an advertising contract with Usain Bolt.

BSW Shanghai Company Ltd established in China.

REGUPOL Acoustics Middle East founded in Dubai.

REGUPOL Schweiz AG established in Dietikon.

For the fourth time, BSW extends the advertising deal with Usain Bolt. For REGUPOL, this partnership is almost an affair of the heart.

Incorporation of REGUPOL Zebra Athletics LLC in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

BSW Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH becomes REGUPOL BSW GmbH