Success story

Daniela Richstein has driven forklift trucks at REGUPOL for over eight years.

Daniela Richstein

„I made a lateral move to REGUPOL. At first I thought it was a job for guys, but it’s something I’ve found I really enjoy. These days I drive a 7.5-ton forklift truck. It’s massive, really awe-inspiring. All that weight is necessary, though, because I transport several-ton cylinders to the back of the machine that hulls them so that they can be processed into smaller rolls.

If anyone’s interested in working at REGUPOL, all I can say is: Give it a go, it’s worth it! I have lots of fun at work. Ask any questions you have right away and of course just keep at it! ”

Daniela Richstein

Daniela Richstein
Forklift Truckdriver
8 Years with REGUPOL