Protective Layers, Balcony Surfacing

Take a look at our REGUPOL structural protection mats and membranes for flat roofs. These products will permanently and reliably prevent damage to seals and insulation on flat roofs. In addition, the mounting structures for photovoltaic systems can be built on our REGUPOL protective mats to prevent damage to the roof sealing membrane here, too.

Application fields

Flat Roofs

REGUPOL® building protection mats for protecting roof membranes in numerous blank sizes, thicknesses and special designs. Tried and tested for decades…

Solar Installations

REGUPOL® resist solar, the programme for protecting roof membranes from damage by solar installations. Equipping the stand spaces of photovoltaic…

Terrace and Balcony Surfacing & Flooring

keraflex® is absolutely frost-proof, water permeable, impact sound insulating and has only slight installation height. keraflex® is installed by…