DGNB stands for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (German Sustainable Building Council). As a non-profit organisation based in Stuttgart, the DGNB is committed to demonstrably good buildings and urban districts with a high residential quality; in short, building an environment around us that is fit for the future. The aim is the transformation of the building and property market by promoting an understanding of quality as an appropriate foundation for responsible and sustainable action. The DGNB promotes sustainable building in a variety of ways, not only in Germany but also worldwide.

DGNB Navigator

REGUPOL products are listed in the DGNB Navigator. The DGNB Navigator is a tool that was developed to support all parties in the product selection process – from manufacturers to architects, planners, investors and craftsmen right up to auditors – and provide the necessary transparency of information.

Polis Convention

The polis Convention is where cities and municipalities meet investors, financiers, architects, planners and project developers.

Companies in the real estate business can gain direct insights into the potential of property and land. Local authorities meet up with potential investors and architects focus attention on their landmarks. And of course, urban pioneers with their visions for the future will also be present. The polis Convention brings together all those who want to transform our towns and cities into places worth living in.

At the last polis Convention, REGUPOL inspired building contractors, home builders and investors interest in sustainable building and building land activation.