Our Initiatives


In August 2020, the innovation forum for waste tyre recycling, AZuR, was launched and is funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. This rapidly growing network currently comprises some 40 partners – including companies, associations, colleges, universities and environmental organisations. We at REGUPOL have also been part of the innovation forum right from the outset. AZuR aims to find ways and solutions for economically and ecologically feasible tyre recycling.

The goal of AZuR

The innovation forum’s main goal is to continually reduce the mass of old tyres in use through new markets and sales channels, and to establish the component parts of these tyres as valuable raw materials. For us, this has always been a valuable raw material – and that’s the reason why we support this innovation forum. According to AZuR, 100 % of all tyres should be used for other products after reaching the end of their first life.

You’d like to find out more about AzuR, the innovation forum? Then click on the link here:

New Life

REGUPOL is a member of the "Corporate Network Climate Protection"

REGUPOL is a member of the “Initiative New Life” and, along with the other companies involved, is committed to achieving an optimal circular economy. Together, the members want to demonstrate the benefits of products made from recycled End-of-Life tyres (ELT) and motivate others to take up sustainable operation. As one of the member companies, we can thus create genuine added value – both for people and the environment.

New Life – from the throw-away economy to the circular economy

The Initiative New Life was launched at the end of 2019 by the German Rubber Manufacturers Association (Wirtschaftsverband der deutschen Kautschukindustrie e.V. - wkd). The initiative aims to show the media, politics and the public the benefits of products made from recycled End-of-Life tyres (ELT) and motivate others to take up sustainable operation. The products which New Life works with include our floor surfaces and safety elements for construction, sports, recreation and leisure.

New Life awards labels for “Recycling Products” containing at least 20% ELT recycled material, and labels for “Top Recycling Products” containing at least 80% ELT recycled material. These labels have been awarded for the following REGUPOL products:

To find out more about the initiative, visit: www.initiative-new-life.de

Corporate Network Climate Protection

REGUPOL is a member of the “IHK network”

Since mid-May 2022, we have been registered with the corporate network for climate protection of our Chamber of Commerce (IHK). This project’s target is the exchange of experiences between companies that want to make further progress in corporate climate protection. IHK's goal is to recruit 1,500 companies to the network over the next two years, thereby and thus facilitate a broad exchange between climate-conscious companies. Read more.