Circular Economy

Circular Economy Act

On May 11 2020, the EU Commission presented its circular economy action plan. This action plan forms the core of the European Green Deals and is intended to put an end to the throw-away society in Europe. Products are to be used for longer and should be easier to re-use, repair and recycle. Another important aim is the avoidance of waste. This aims to reduce the pressure on our environment, while increasing the security of raw materials supplies and improving competitiveness.

REGUPOL is an integral part of the circular economy. By using recycled elastomers, we give a second or third life to a valuable raw material. 

The latest amendment to the Circular Economy Act at the end of 2020 is aimed primarily at increasing the promotion of the circular economy – i.e. avoiding and/or recycling waste. The amendment to law even contains an obligation to give preference to resource saving services in public tenders.

The new Article 45, section 2 of the Circular Economy Act provides that it is mandatory, even when determining which services are to be procured, to give preference to those products which:

  1. have been manufactured in production processes which conserve raw materials, are energy-efficient and water-saving, are low-emission and low-waste,
  2. have been manufactured in preparation for re-use or by recycling waste, in particular by using recycled waste materials or renewable raw materials,
  3. are characterized by their longevity, ease of repair, reusability and recyclability or, in comparison with other products, are produced in processes resulting in less waste or
  4. less polluting waste or are better suited to environmentally compatible waste management

REGUPOL products comply with all eh criteria contained in the new Article 45, section 2 of the Circular Economy Act of the Federal Republic of Germany.

REGUPOL is a member of the wdk (German Rubber Manufacturers Association), which is the umbrella organisation for German manufacturers of tyres and technical elastomer products.