Julian Wagner

Top Sprinter recommends REGUPOL running tracks

Julian Wagner

Top Sprinter recommends REGUPOL running tracks

Crossing the finish line in 10.11 seconds with no wind over the 100 m, sprinter Julian Wagner catapulted himself to first place on the list of the best for the year at the Meeting International in Schifflange in August 2021. Only 6 athletes in Germany were ever faster than the athlete from Top Team Thuringia. He and his teammates train in the German track and field city Erfurt. Here, the best training and competition facilities will be available to them – equipped by REGUPOL. Seen in this light, closer cooperation between the two organizations in future was a logical step. The ambassadors for this link are top sprinter Julian Wagner along with his trainer Tobias Schneider.

Top Team Thüringen

Top Team Thüringen aims to bring together Thuringia’s best athletes under the direction of the Thuringia athletics association and under ideal training conditions. This “talent forge on REGUPOL” continues the great work of the LAC Erfurt Top Team project. The goals remain the same: all Thuringia’s top athletes are to train and compete under one roof. Equal priority is also given to promoting the up-coming generation: promising young athletes are to be encouraged to stay in Thuringia rather than going elsewhere. To make that happen, the sporting and economic framework conditions are also going to be created and improved.

Julian Wagner

„I love to bring out the best in myself. While training on REGUPOL I polish my skills for upcoming competitions.“


Erfurt’s two most important sports venues, especially for top class sport, are the Steigerwald stadium and the Hartwig-Gauder Hall. One reason why they are so popular is because they are both equipped with the fast REGUPOL running tracks. For years now, REGUPOL has been a keen sponsor of sport in Thuringia, especially the annual “Erfurt Indoor” athletics meeting in the Hartwig-Gauder Hall. That explains why supporting the ambitions of the new “Top Team Thüringen” initiative is matter close to REGUPOL’s heart.

Julian Wagner and Tobias Schneider

Julian Wagner is one of the big hopes at LC Top Team Thüringen and for German athletics in general. Erfurt born in 1998, the local boy discovered his passion for athletics at the tender age of 8 and he’s been training and competing at top level since he was 13. Julian’s best event is the 100 m and he’s also in the relay team. After his great success in Luxembourg's Schifflange, he took third place just a few days later at the largest German track and field meeting, the ISTAF in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, with a time of 10.18 seconds; On the famous blue REGUPOL running track.

Tobias Schneider is a Thuringia Athletics Association coach and consequently responsible for training Julian Wagner. After his own career as an athlete, he acted as a guide runner for visually impaired athletes at international events such as the 2013 World Championships and the London Olympics in 2012. A qualified sports scientist, he’s made it his goal to take young talented athletes to the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

Both Julian Wagner and Tobias Schneider are delighted with “Top Team Thüringen” and the sports infrastructure: “The togetherness in the group and the fast REGUPOL tracks provide the best conditions for achieving great things.”

„The togetherness in the group and the fast REGUPOL tracks provide the best conditions for achieving great things.“

Julian Wagner

Further success on REGUPOL

With his victory in Luxembourg's Schifflange, Julian Wagner also met the norm for the European Championships Munich 2022. Here the sprinter will also fight for victory on a brand new REGUPOL running track at Munich’s Olympic Stadium. REGUPOL is the Official Track Supplier for the European Championships Munich 2022. Further information can be found here: EC Munich 2022 | REGUPOL BSW GmbH