Let's change

REGUPOL is sustainable


A model for sustainable change.

We are a global business of people and brands with a clear purpose: caring for the environment. When it comes to how we conduct our business and devleop our products, we think long-term. We ask ourselves: How will our actions today impact tomorrow's world? We strive to protect and sustain our environment every step of the way, from development and production to customer use and disposal. 

On the road, tires eventually wear down or sustain irreparable damage. But, in the environment, tires can last forever. They are nonbiodegradable, unable to be compacted like plastic or metal, and maintain their shape. Beacuase of their sheer size and impenetrable rubber compound, tires are among the most problematic sources of waste we face today. 

Each year we reclaim over 9 million tires from landfills to make environmentally sound solutions  that surface everywhere in our daily life—public buildings, mutli-family dwellings, tractor trailers, fitness centers, college and university campuses, international sporting events, and in many industrial applications. Our products are comprised of either shredded and cleaned SBR tire rubber (100% post-consumer waste) or a combination of SBR tire rubber and vibrant EPDM color granules (post-industrial waste). The recycled content in our products ranges from 75% to 100%. The entire manufacturing process is environmentally responsible using minimal water, avoiding heat, and recycling waste. 


What does sustainability mean to our owners?

Ulf Pöppel

Ulf Pöppel

„When I started at REGUPOL 30 years ago, sustainability had a completely different meaning. Recycling was a word many people didn’t know or it was associated with rubbish and waste. It had no relevance for their purchasing decisions. I’m glad the way we see the circular economy today has changed significantly. It’s now regarded as the economic model for the future. REGUPOL has also played a part in this and I’m proud of that.“

Niels Pöppel

Niels Pöppel

„We’re all confronted with changed living conditions. More and more people are using more and more resources and energy. If we want to leave a world worth living in for future generations, we’ve got to act now and make changes. REGUPOL has been manufacturing products from recycled materials for more than 60 years and four generations now. It’s environmentally conscious, socially responsible and, at the same time, economically successful. And following our motto “Let`s change“, that’s the way we intend to carry on now and in the future.“