Sustainability is a journey, not a destination.

At one point or another we've all heard of the "three R's of sustainability: reduce, reuse, and recycle. The goal of the three R's is to prevent waste and conserve natual resources. These practices while the norm nowadays were largely unknown in 1954, the beginning of our quest to create high-performing products from reclaimed materials.

From the beginning, we embraced doing right by the environment, both in our manufacturing operations and in the products we produced. Today, these products are represented globally and have made a direct, verifiable, and positive difference in the markets they serve.  

Over the years,  we've had to evolve our appraoch and our thinking.  Originally, we focused our efforts on the 3 R's, but that has since  evolved to include two addtional R's: repair and recover. In 2020, we launched REGUPOL Recover, a convenient and responsible takeback option for REGUPOL products at their end-of-life, including Abzorb turf shock pad and LoadSecure friction mats. We created REGUPOL Recover to divert this worn-out material from the landfill and instead, reclaim and recycle it into new REGUPOL products.  The life span of a REGUPOL running track can be extended with a repair rather than total reconstruction. This work is proof that a circular economy based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, and keeping products and materials in use, is an attainable goal. 

We're constantly working to improve the quality of our products and lessen the impact they have on human health and the environment. This means committing to a circular economy and managing many types of material impacts and trade-offs during product development.